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Bring the broken, the wounded and the homeless, and here they shall find sanctuary.

Bring the whole, the sound and the strong, and here they shall find kindness.

Bring those who would stay to discover the many secrets of these lands, my realm of the Sunlit Shadows.

This realm is created of such magics that in many instances, the lands of the Serians which choose to live here are entirely unknown. There is a special connection between them and Sunlit Shadows,  Slïth'creûn in my native tongue. Their hooves take them where they belong without thought or instigation; their home calls to them.

There are nine truths of Slïth'creûn which hold true in all the lands of this realm. The first truth is that there are two suns, always. It is a rarity to see only one hang in the sky, and even then it is a short event.

The second truth is that there are three moons. It is a rarity for them to appear anywhere near each other, and it is nigh on impossible to mistake one for the other. Within their cycles, to have all three at the same phase of waxing or waning is such a monumentally rare event it has become revered.

The third truth is that both the suns and the moons are known to flair into spectacular displays of color; in the case of Brithea, the mother moon and the largest, it has even been known to happen for bands of varying hues to grace her face.

Fourth, it must be known that each year upon a certain alignment of magic, suns, moons and stars, the great storms come. These storms last for many days, at least a half a moon turn, and they are both severe and brutal.

For the fifth truth it must be known that these storms leave all lands both damaged and revitalized. There is always debris; and always an opportunity for fresh life to take root where once there was old. In many cases, the aftermath of the storms helps to nourish these sudden spurts in growth and vitality within the realm, leaving Slïth'creûn thrumming with such vibrancy of life as is never seen at any other time.

The sixth truth has to do with the nature of the realm itself. Because of the layers of magic woven throughout every aspect of all that can be seen and all that can not, Slïth'creûn herself is sentient. The land is alive and awake, and is known to frequently reach towards the magics of the Serians that have settled here with a touch of her own. It is through this that the mares and stallions know, instantly, where their home shall lie.

Seventh, every part of the realm is as unique as the Serian which calls it home. There are some areas the seasons never touch; in others, seemingly impossible occurrences happen without obvious cause or intervention.

The eighth fact is that in between each of these separate lands lies a common ground where any are free to walk. In these parts of the land it is ever a mild summer, with sparse trees in full bloom branching through the dark grass and underbrush that surrounds what appears to be numerous game trails. Deer and foxes and other well known creatures inhabit these lands, neighbors and friends to the Serians which the land defers to.

The ninth and final fact which holds true throughout all the lands of the realm of Slïth'creûn is that all things which call it home are intimately linked to it, as well as to each other. In order to arrive some magic and knowledge of inter-dimensional travel is required for it is a well-hidden refuge, and this is magic the land itself can recognize. When an intruder arrives, Slïth'creûn feels it just as clearly as when a new Serian has deigned to appoint themselves a home here; and thus, as the land knows so do all who reside within. There is a great, collective consciousness watching every intruder.

It is with these facts that a welcome and a warning are given. Explore the many wonders of Slïth'creûn, this realm of Sunlit Shadows, from our ancient valley to lands fresh with a new beginning to the warrior's glade; and a blessing upon any who would know more of the Serians that have been recorded thus far in my Tome of Magics and Making. Yet tread carefully, for this is a realm unique unto itself; and we are watching.

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